Monday, October 5, 2009

Testing Google Wave

Google wave is one of the top innovations of 2009.
I have been organizing Google wave meetup from June , 09 and have been witnessing it's amazing growth. If you are interested in building wave applications and like to watch some exclusive google wave development/demos check out the meetup website.

Y'day I was playing with jWave ( JQuery plugin) to embed some test wave in my Blog. Not yet successful, will attempt it again.
However , I could develop my first Wave Robot at the Hands on workshop -

Thanks to Lawrence Wong and to Solomon Wu , who helped me out.

Could deploy the Robot to Google App Engine and make it running.
It is good that App Engine is ready for J2EE apps. Python would have been a pain.
Looking forward to PHP support as well.

I saw Google wave demos on Healthcare apps and on Wiki improvements which are good Use cases.

A very interesting article on how enterprises like SAP , Salesforce are building
Google wave apps . Check out here

Excerpt below on SAP's Google Wave Business Process Modelling Tool.

"Alex, Kathrin Fleischmann (SAP Research) and Soeren Balko (SAP NetWeaver BPM development) built a demo that highlights the power of the Google Wave platform to make complex tools live and collaborative. In the video, many team members collaborate in real time to build a model. Each piece of the model is colored based on the person that added it. The team discusses the model. Someone adds another participant midway through the development. That person uses playback to catch up on what they missed. And there is even a robot that checks and fixes semantic errors. In the end, a manager checks the work on her iPhone."

More common Use Cases:
-Ribbit's gadget for telephone conferences.
-Lonely Planet's trip planning tool.

Excited to explore more Usecases and applications for GoogleWave.
As a Product Manager, I am inclined to explore the possibility of using Google Wave
as a good collaboration tool and maybe build a Wave server with neat XMPP services for small enterprises.